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Sally Smyth has died aged 79. A painter, she lived in Ashford, Co. Wicklow with her husband David. She will be sadly missed by David and her two children, Lucy and Stuart; by her seven grandchildren, and by her many friends. She was a unique and devoted mother, grandmother and wife, and a fantastic sister to Peggy. Her tireless efforts on Peg's behalf, and in supporting the Camphill Community on many fronts will never be forgotten.

Sally became a painter in her mid-60's and produced two important and acclaimed exhibitions; Kilmainham Suite at Kilmainham Gaol Dublin (1999) and The Judicial Suite at The Law Library Dublin (2003). Sally's mother May Gibney, as a member of Cumann na mBan, was captured by the British in 1921 and held in Kilmainham Gaol for six months. Sally was the first ever child of a Kilmainham ex-prisoner to exhibit at the prison/museum.

Sally had been a fibre sculptor for many years prior to taking up painting. Her beautiful fibre pieces represent obscure elements of nature including, peat hags, lichens, mosses, gorse etc. Sally's handspun, dyed and knitted sheep's wool constitutes most of the raw material for her fibre works.

This website contains a large selection of images of Sally's work accessible from the gallery and includes a review and photographs of Kilmainham Suite; the amazing story of May Gibney; the opening speech of The Judicial Suite; Sally's curriculum vitae etc.